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What Is HTML Programming.

What Is HTML Programming.

what is html programming

HTML full form is Hypertext Mark up language     it is used to design the static webpages

HTML is divided into 3 parts

  • Header area:-Generally it contains the webpage heading titles etc.
  • Body area:- It Contains the webpage information.
  • Footer area:It contains the copy right information ,links to other webpages etc.

Tags:The word which is enclosed in between two angular brackets<> is known as a tag.The entire HTML Programming is designed using number of tags.

Tag Syntax:-

<tagname attribute=value attribute=value>text</tagname>

for example

<fontcolor=red size=5>Brilliant</font>

Here font is the tag name and color and size are the attributes and red and 5 are the values.

According to the opening and closing tags they are divided into 2 types.

  1. Paired tag:-It contains the both Open and closed tags Eg:<html></html>,<font></font>
  2. Unpaired tags:-It contains only the opening tags like <br>, <hr>

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