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How to write a Html Program

How to write a Html Program

The HTML Programs are used to design the webpages and they are opened in browser.But the browser doesn’t Support to write the HTML programs directly.Due to this most of the HTML programs are created in windows default editor{Note Pad}.

Every Html Program Starts with <html> and ends with</html>  .Lets go and learn how to run a simple Html Program.

Open Notepad

Type the Below Program

<html> Welcome to Html</html>

After Completing any html program we must save the file using  .html or .htm extension. Open any browser such as internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Google

Click on the file Menu and select Open , Browse Select the Html File ,Open ,OK.


What are Heading Tags.

Based on the functionality the tags are divided in to 3 types.

  1. Heading tags.
  2. Text Formatting tags.
  3. Image tags.

Heading tag:-

It is used to set the headings in our webpages.Html supports 6 types of headings from Heading 1 to Heading 6.


<h1 align=left >Hello World </h1>
<h1>align=center>heading tag example</h1>
<h3 align=right>thank you</h2>


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