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Relaxation Tips For Guitarists

Relaxation Tips For Guitarists

Playing the guitar is a great fun hobby to have. But sometimes people tend to start tensing up when they are playing and this can have negative consequences. Not only can it hinder your playing but it might also end up causing you muscle pain and even headaches later on.The Guitarist

With the following little relaxation tips you can avoid this and you can become a better guitar player.

Always Warm Up Your Muscles

Playing the guitar might not be the same as running a marathon but it still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t warm up.

Our muscles react differently to different kind of stress and you want to make sure that your body is ready for playing.

There are some nice warm up exercises available on-line. It is a good idea to get used to doing these to avoid any muscle pain later on. Some techniques require you to warm up with the guitar to get the fingers properly ready for playing.

You can also do some light movement with the whole arm and your upper body to get it going as well.

Learn To Breathe

You should also learn the proper breathing technique while you are playing. A good way of doing this is by becoming more aware of your own breathing. So try to spend some time really listening your breathing and ensuring that you don’t take a break from it while you play.

Get yourself relaxed before you start playing by sitting down in a chair. Once you have a comfortable position start taking deep breaths. Slowly breathe in while counting to five in your head and follow it by breathing out while again counting to five. Repeat this for five minutes and you can feel your body relax.

You can also try playing the guitar in your mind. This can help your muscles learn the right movement without creating as much tension to them as real playing would. Do these mental practices for a few times a week to become a better player.

Allow Mistakes

Playing the guitar is all about practice. It will take a long time to master the guitar or a specific song perfectly. It is also true that other factors can influence your guitar playing. Thus you might end up making mistakes today that you didn’t make yesterday.

It is really important that you don’t get frustrated with these mistakes. As this great Ultimate Guitar article points out you want to clear your mind from criticism when you play. Just focusing on playing instead of analysing your playing can help you improve your skill set greatly.

So make sure that you know how to clear your mind while you are playing. If it seems like you are constantly thinking about something else you might want to put the guitar down and get back to it later. Always practice when you are feeling relaxed and energetic.

The above tips can help you be more relaxed when playing the guitar. Achieving a good relaxed feeling can really help you play better and learn the right movements faster.

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