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Google Chrome Short Cut Keys

Google Chrome Short Cut Keys

Lets Check   Google chrome short cut keys Google Chrome has 43% Share .If we  want to bookmark a page we can  simply press Ctrl+D ,If we are not aware of this short hand notation we have to go settings and bookmark our  webpage which we had stored for Future reference .while we are using Chrome  browser  this short hand notations helps us very much .

Hot Key Combo What It Does
F1 Loads the Google Chrome Help center URL
Ctrl+J View Downloads Window
Ctrl+D Bookmark page
Ctrl+F Opens/Closes Search Box
Ctrl+P Opens Print Window
Ctrl+T Opens a new Tab
Ctrl+W Closes current tab
Ctrl++ Zooms in
Ctrl+- Zooms Out
Ctrl+0 Returns page to default size
Ctrl+Shift+T Re-opens most recently closed tab
Ctrl+1-8 Jumps to tab.1 = first tab, 2 = second tab.
Ctrl+9 Jumps to last tab
Ctrl+Shift+Del Opens Clear Browsing Data Window.
Ctrl+Shift+B Shows/Hides Bookmarks bar.
Shift+Esc Opens Chrome’s internal task manager
Alt+Home Opens Home Page in Current tab.
Alt+D/Ctrl+L Highlights text in Location bar.
Ctrl+Enter Adds www and .com to text in URL bar.
Ctrl+Shift+V Pastes from the clipboard without formatting.
Shift+Alt+T Moves focus to first tool in toolbar.
Tab(after Shift+Alt+T) Cycles through tools on toolbar.
Space or Enter(after Shift+Alt+T) Activates selected tool
Shift+F10(after Shift+Alt+T) Reveals context menu for selected tool.
Esc(after Shift+Alt+T) Returns focus to page


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