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Road Safety Tips for Driving at Night Time

Road Safety Tips for Driving at Night Time

Road Safety Tips for Driving at Night Time 


  1. Condition your body and mind for a night on the road by getting a few hours of sleep before you set out
  2. Take frequent rest stops
  3. keep yourself hydrated


  1. Don’t eat heavy food or drink alcohol before you have to drive,because even one glass of liquor can try you out and weaken your judgement
  2. Don’t smoke while driving- the nicotine in cigarettes and the smoke can cloud the car and hamper your vision

Road Safety Tips

Prepare your car

  • Clean your mirror and lights
  • Make sure your tyres have air ,If it is tubeless it will be very happy
  • Check that all your lights work,including fog lamps.
  • Clean all your windows both from the inside and outside ,for maximum clarity of vision
  • Switch your rear view mirror to the night position
  • Check that  your air conditioning is working properly

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While Driving

  • keep your headlights aimed low so that they don’t blind oncoming drivers.
  • During twilight ,it’s a good idea to switch your headlights on .They might not increase your vision, but they’ll make you more visible to oncoming drivers
  • If the weather might turn foggy,make sure your car has fog lamps.
  • If you see an oncoming driver who has their headlights on high beam ,then state on the left side of the road,to avoid being blinded by the glare.
  • Drive at an average speed you should be able to stop your car within second in case of an emergency or surprise obstacle.
  • Keep a good instance like 10 feet distance between your car and other vehicles ahead
  • If you suffer a breakdown,park your car a little far from the road,or as close to the side of the road as possible.Put on your hazard and parking lights to alert other vehicles and prevent anyone from crashing into you .

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