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How Do You Use Your Doors?

How Do You Use Your Doors?

How Do You Use Your Doors?

 Despite the trend for open space living and working, doors are still a very important part of our buildings. They are functional too from stopping the spread of fire – in a worst case scenario, keeping noise out or in and offering privacy.

The functions of doors

Shutting out the elements and closing off a building to all things outside is also the premise of a door. Inside they are just as important though. But equally internal doors are often closed to retain the heat in certain areas.

For most of us thinking of a bathroom or bedroom without a door for instance really knocks all our expectations and concerns about privacy and vulnerability. In commercial buildings such as offices, restaurants or hotels we would definitely be thrown if we there weren’t doors on toilets or rest rooms. And a plush hotel definitely demands the door that closes off each suite or room from other guests.

Even though we might not think about doors apart from when we are remodelling they play a vital part in our normal lives at work or play.

Some would have us believe that doors play a role in denoting what lies behind the door. However in most modern doors this is rarely the case as interior doors are usually all matching and what lies behind them is anyone’s guess.

In heritage buildings this may sometimes be different where the styles of the doors may vary.

Hotel doors

In large concerns such as hotels of course some doors may differ. Guest rooms usually have similar doors so that you can only guess what is behind the closed versions. But of course many hotels are stylised and every room the same except perhaps in the case of their penthouse and other special suites.

But internal door that lead to a dining room or other communal areas probably differ from guest room doors. Often doors to these areas may have glass in them so that the room behind is never concealed and there are no surprises on the other side.

Corporate and institutional buildings

Glass or glass panelled doors are also often used in large corporate offices to match the many glass walls. This makes those lucky enough to have private offices and meeting spaces clearly visible within the building.

Doors play an important role in schools and colleges too. They create spaces where certain activities can take place from lessons to lectures to practical work. They act to separate the activities and also as noise barriers to aid teaching staff and students to concentrate.

The history of doors

Internal doors aren’t new. The very first ones were found in the Egyptian tombs. The ancient Greeks and Romans also used doors including double and folding versions. It would seem the need for privacy or to shut out noise was necessary even then.

Getting it right

Internal doors play a vital role in assisting a building to function in the best way for the occupants whatever the intended use of the building. A world without internal doors would seem very strange indeed.

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