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How to create Paypal Account

How to create Paypal Account

How to Create PayPal Account.

PayPal is one of the best  and easiest  way to  get money from   abroad  and  very popular and reliable source around the globe.   If  you are a freelancer getting money from clients this is one of the best and leading source . If we Compare to other sources in the market, Paypal commission rate is very low,

Quick review about Paypal.

PayPal  was founded in 1998 by Elson Musk .

Headquarters: 2211 North First Street, San Jose, California, United States 95131

Revenue:         US$9.24 billion(2015)
Employees:    15,800
Alexa Rank:   40
users:             173 million.

How to create Paypal Account

PayPal  account doesn’t exist with any number like bank account does , the email address is the ID of PayPal,  to create Paypal account in India you should have a PAN(PERMANENT ACCOUNT  NUMER) without PAN Number it’s impossible to create an account .

Requirements for creating Paypal Account

  • BANK Account (Any Bank Account).
  • Email

Let’s have a look on How to create PayPal  account  step by step


Choose Individual Account ,Individual account is okay for beginners  we can always change later to business account  if our business is expanding




Please enter your Email address which you are going to use for pay pal and a unique password,ask our friend (Google)  for good Encrypted password,after completing this step check your email for an email for confirming your email.



Step-3 :

Please Enter all the details here and please fill first name and last name that was mentioned exactly on your PAN NUMBER.



after filling all the information  you will be redirected to  login page, now log in with the  Email and password you used earlier to create the account,and we are going to move to learn some important steps to make our PayPal account 100% complete

After logging into your account you will see a notification in the Home page stating that   “To receive payments as per Indian regulations,please complete the tasks” as it is in the image.

how to create paypal account in USA.


Click on that link and you will redirect to another important page of creating an account and it was called Taskboard by Paypal.  as it is in the below image.



Here we have to complete 4 tasks

1:Provide pan : Click on the start button and add your pan number that was entered when you are creating the account earlier and click submit


2:Confirm your Email account its simple and important

3:Add Bank account : Add your bank account number  after adding your bank account PayPal will send two small deposits like 1.16 and 1.17 to our bank account. we can receive payment  without adding card details after entering the small verification amount received from Paypal.


4: Purpose code : As per Indian regulations we need to tell the government of India for which purpose we are using Paypal  If you are a freelancer or selling products on Ebay or from your website we will select the option software consulting that’s it your four tasks are completed successfully .




After completing all the steps we will have 100% PayPal account like this,

How to create paypal account



Banks Supporting Paypal

Paypal   approves all Banks  in India. Every Indian bank is supported by Paypal . But I prefer  some large banks like


2:Axis Bank.


My Payal account is with FEDERALBANK

SocialMedia Links of Paypal :  

Following  via social media  is a good idea so that we can get updates if there are changes in the system.


PayPal does not have  proper customer care number,we can send messages directly to PayPal via  facebook link .



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