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Major Doubts about breast cancer

Major Doubts about breast cancer

Globally around 90% of women who develop Breast Cancer Have No Family History Of The Disease .  Lets Discuss now about the Doubts which we have about Breast Cancer.

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  • Does a lump in the breast mean cancer?

Most breast limps are benign.They can be cysts(lumps filled with fluid or other material). or they can be due to normal changes associated with hormonal changes or aging.Remember ,if you notice any unusual change in your breasts see a doctor as soon as possible

  • Can very young women get breast cancer?

While breast cancer is common among older women,these days ,women of any age can develop it. Normally ,the average age at which you can get cancer of the breast is at around 49 years and having regular checkup is recommended

  • If I have no family History of breast cancer,do I still need to have mammogram?

Women who have a family history are significantly at higher risk.But around 90 percent of those who develop breast cancer have no family history.

breast cancer

  • Does wearing a wrong bra or using under-arm deodorants increase the risk?

This is a rumour gone viral over the Internet .There is no conclusive evidence to support this claim that certain antiperspirant chemicals lead to building up of toxins in the lymph glands in the armpits.The American Cancer Society says a large study published recently found no link between breast cancer risk and deodorant use.

  • Do men get breast cancer too?

Men can get breast cancer too but it is rare.Only about 2 % of breast cancers develop in men

What is scar less surgery of the breast?Very small tumors up to 2 cms using a 2mm incision using a Mammoth.This is usually done for benign lesions in young girls.It can also be used for the diagnosis of Cancer

Now visit your nearest Hospital and free from Breast cancer

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