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How to Start Writing Blogs for Money

How to Start Writing Blogs for Money

You must haven’t experienced anything new, encountered something exciting, or haven’t slept well for quite a few days if you’re complaining the block. Writer’s block is not a syndrome so take it easy. It’s just a state, a not so favorable time and just a bit of patience testing for you.

I know it becomes frustrating but overcoming it is not as difficult as it seems. Just like when you are fighting insomnia you shouldn’t try to sleep forcefully, similarly don’t push yourself during the block. It’s then when it becomes frustrating. Instead of feeling petrified try to conquer it. Let’s discuss the action plan here.

1. Outline: Let’s get back to school time. Jot down the outline first then go for the draft. Presenting yourself with the outline makes you in direct contact with what you want to write. The outline can be altered later.

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2. Send positive messages: Don’t be a pessimist. You are not someone to think negative rather writers are born to encourage the world. Tell yourself it’s alright to face the low. High is the next lined up experience for you, just be patient and anticipate the next writing to be your best.

3. Warm up: Writing is your type of sport, so warm up before you actually play the game. Start putting words on the paper first instead of going for proper sentences. Write whatever comes to your mind and don’t hesitate if you’re going beyond the topic, maybe that’s how you are draining the blockage. You can always collect the desired information from the bulk of warm up script.

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4. Quick drafts: Go for several quick drafts and you’ll eventually get to the perfect one. If you have an idea but the blockage is in its expression than this the tip for you!

5. Follow your point of view: When thinking, drafting or revising; follow your own point of view. Don’t measure your masterpiece on other’s view point because that’s where you are unconsciously applying brakes to the flow.

6. Striving for perfection? That’s not the way to go about it writers! Write it, read it and appreciate it. Understand whatever you’ve come up with is your best and there’s always room for improvement. There’s need to realize that you are inhibiting the writer in you if you are demanding perfection.

7. Section you know the best: When initiating, start with the section that you know the best. The ending or start of the article or the essay can be formulated afterwards.

8. Do the polish later: We know that writing comes with flow. It’s advised not to stop for improving the paragraph or smoothing the transitions while you can catch the flow. The polishing can be done later after you’ve completed it once.


9. Finding perfect phrase: It happens that you get stuck and are unable to find the perfect phrase. The tip is to use simpler more to the point line first and leave it to the polishing phase to come up with the perfect one.

10. Change the routine: The most important of all is to get out of the regular routine so that you experience change and uniqueness that will trigger ideas for sure.

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