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29 ways to be a better activist

29 ways to be a better activist

Better activist

Best ways to be a Better Activist.

  1. Start with one person
  2. Act  locally
  3. Be  open..To Anything
  4. Listen to those that you want to help. They know what they want, you may not.
  5. Update your opinions.
  6. Stick with truth and facts.
  7. Get the big picture,pay attention to details
  8. Know your argument and your opponents.
  9. Define your terms and then open them up to debate.
  10. Have a worldview bigger than yourself.
  11. Look at things through a child’s eyes.
  12. Listen to what’s not being said.
  14. Replenish yourself with experiences.
  15. Network with like-minded people.
  16. Collaborate.
  17. Don’t forget kindness and humility.
  18. Remember that “different ” doesn’t mean “wrong”.
  19. You don’t the need to be right all the time.
  20. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  21. Enjoy doing little things.they add up to make a whole.
  22. Don’t wait, do something now.
  24. Do what you feel is right.
  25. Be authentic.
  26. Question authority.
  27. Do something.don’t just talk about it.
  28. Believe in the future you can make.
  29. Never give up.

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