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What is the Best Android Phone Available Now

What is the Best Android Phone Available Now

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While some users adore the versatility that comes with Android, from carriers and manufacturers, to platform skins and different versions, others find this freedom to choose a little bit constricting. With every major manufacturer releasing at least one high end model per year, each of them coming with their specific strengths and weaknesses, it might be difficult to find the one with a perfect balance of your requirements. We will try and present several phones that you might find interesting, and leave the ultimate choice to you.

Samsung Galaxy S4

This is one of the most successful phones of the last year. Even though its successor is already announced for a release early in 2014, S4 can still hold its own, and the release of the upcoming model will probably only draw its price down. Samsung Galaxy S4 was practically unanimously praised, with the brunt of criticism that it received being directed at its plastic body. While this did make the phone look less prestigious, it also allows for easy battery replacement, which some users prefer to a one piece body. With its amazing camera, powerful processor, and a stunning screen, S4 will never disappoint you when it comes to running an app, taking a picture, or making use of one of its many handy features.

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HTC One Mini

Most manufacturers offer mini versions of their flagship phones, but these versions are also minified when it comes to their features as well, which is not the case with HTC One Mini, or more precisely, it is, but only up to a point. While One Mini does have its RAM halved to only 1 GB and its processing powered reduced to 1.4 GHz, when compared to its older brother, the rest of the specifications pretty much match up. It also comes in a sturdy but elegant uni-body design, with an amazing 1280 x 720 4.3 inch display, and a great camera that will allow you to capture precious moments with stunning clarity. Naturally, you could simply go with HTC One, but One Mini is cheaper, and comes with everything that an average user might need.

Sony Xperia Z

Another phone that already has a more popular successor, in this case embodied in Xperia Z1, Xperia Z is still a more than decent phone which started 2013 on a big note for Sony, and paved the way for the current company`s flagship. One of the distinguishing features of this phone is the fact that, despite looking just as polished as other phones on the market, it is completely water and dust resistant. Speaking of design, Xperia Z may have just helped set up aesthetic standards when it comes to modern smartphones, with its glass covered back and thin bezel.

Motorola Moto G

This phone combines decent specifications with an amazingly low price. You are getting a 5 MP camera sensor, powerful quad-core CPU, compatibility with the latest version of Android, and a 720p display, all for the money that would otherwise only be able to afford you a phone with much less impressive specifications. True, it doesn`t come with NFC support, or 4G LTE, but if you are looking for a great mid range phone, you should look no further.

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