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5 Android Apps for Stress Relief

5 Android Apps for Stress Relief

When you talk about Android apps, they’re not just about games, communication and social media. A number of tools also focus on health and fitness. In fact, so many have been created for weight loss, diet, exercise, and general health information to name a few. It’s not a surpriseĀ  about Android Apps for Stress Relief are there too.

An American Psychological Association study about the Impact of Stress reported that 72 percent of the respondents say that their stress level has increased or stayed the same over the past five years. 80 percent say their stress level has increased or stayed the same in the past year.

If stress is not taken seriously, it could possibly lead to anxiety and depression. So before it reaches to an alarming level, make it your personal goal to manage it. One way to help you is to try and use any of these Android apps for stress relief.

1. Zen Relax Music Non Stress

Music has a way of relaxing the mind and body, especially with calm and soothing melodies. Slow and quiet sounds regulate the heart rate and lower blood pressure. It can decrease the level of stress as it keeps you from wandering. It helps you focus on your emotion and meditate.

Zen Relax Music Non Stress has three playlists. These are Zen Bambu, Zen Water and Zen Stories. Playing time is from 10 minutes to forever. You can have it as a background music from the moment you sleep until you wake up. You can also use it when you do your yoga or meditation.

2. Funny Pictures

Humor has a way of reducing worries and problems. A little laughter doesn’t hurt especially if it’s purely for fun and entertainment, plus if it eases your stress.

Funny Pictures is a collection of funny signs, people and animals. You can even share it on Facebook and Twitter. A friend might need a pick-me-up for the day. Your post can be just that.

3. Buddhist Meditation Trainer

Meditation has always proven to be effective in stress reduction and management. It’s even more effective if you do it before you start your day and before you sleep at night. It helps you unload all the day’s tension.

Buddhist Meditation Trainer features 10 levels of enlightenment. Every level has quotes to meditate on. The higher the level the deeper the quotes. The mantras allow you to reflect and assess your life and the things around you. You can adjust the settings to allow you to play certain sounds during or after. You can also choose to mute it. There is also a reminder button so you can get reminded to meditate on a daily or every other day basis.

4. Breathing for Life

By altering the way you breathe, you can stop agitation and restlessness. You can even stop panic or anxiety symptoms.

Breathing for Life is a simple and user friendly app that gets you started by breathing correctly. It helps you relax, reduce stress and control anxiety and fatigue. There is a music that goes with it. The background image is also very pleasant to look at, inviting a more relaxed state.

5. Sleep-bot – Sleep Cycle Alarm

Sleep is important. It allows your body to recharge, especially after a long and hectic day. It affects us mentally, physically and behaviorally. If someone is under a lot of stress, it can trigger sleep problems. And sleep deprivation can result to poor concentration and yes, more stress.

Sleep Bot is developed to analyze the way you sleep. It tracks your sleep and provides data to show your sleep quality over time, such as length, sleep and wake times, and pattern. It features quick solutions to fall asleep and stay awake. You can set an automatic alarm to wake you up during light sleep. It records sleep debt if the ideal goal for sleep duration is not achieved. This tool also gives sleep health information and support.

If you’re feeling stressed out, uptight and low on energy and motivation, these apps might get you back on track. They’re all free, so there is no harm in trying them out. These tools may not completely eliminate stressful moments, but at least they can try to alleviate them and make your life more relaxing.

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