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How To Become A Virtual Assistant (VA) & Start Making Money

How To Become A Virtual Assistant (VA) & Start Making Money

Let’s Become A Virtual Assistant

The difficulty comes when we don’t have an answer, but for this, a simple answer is there is plenty work pending and all needs a little help, Virtual Assistants can be called the helpers who do not work on the full-time basis but as a freelancer with the company. Whilst working as a freelancer, the helper can work with many companies simultaneously.

There is a key role of any virtual assistant during start up of any company, if the company has overload work, it can’t hire permanent workers during the start up thus, it hires a virtual assistant that do not help physically but it helps virtually. But, there is one thing that any virtual assistant should have in mind, any virtual assistant should be able to pursue any niche.

That also does not mean that virtual assistant should apply for anything without experience, experience plays a key role too. Without experience, virtual assistant fails.

And, with all these, there are several types and certain rules to follow and they are as follows.

1:General Virtual Assistants:

Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant few qualities are mandatory like to handle Emails of your boss and clients, Telephonic inquiries, Booking appointments/tickets, Client follow-up.

Calendar management, Database, and file management.With these qualities, it is important to stick to them.

With every new client, it is important to maintain the relationship with them, any negative feedback should be taken as a positive one and always avoid an argument with clients, because, after all, they are the ones who will be giving money and time to us.

General Virtual Assistant can be defined as, a general work handling by the VAS, and with that, responsibility follows up too. And handling that is more important in any business and especially when you want to become a trainee, Virtual Assistant.


This is the most important thing when it comes to Virtual Assisting. Research is the only thing any client expect and if you can provide it, it is nothing more soothing to the client and if they will compliment you for that, you will feel that smoothness too! This is the easiest part and the most basic part. Anyone could find related topic on the internet and it is a possibility to find even nicer.

Being good with the words is also important if the combo is made, it is nothing like it.

3:Digital Marketing Virtual Assitant:

In this category, some further explanation comes,

  1. Search Engine Optimization Assistants.
  2. Social Media Management Assistants.
  3. Content Marketing Assistants.

There can be different types of writing and much important and most demanded writing is SEO writing. SEO writing is all about the marketing and it is based on keywords.

And the work depends upon Analyze data to achieve a return on investment, Plan, schedule, and manage content, Make campaign strategies and analyze the success, Conduct competitive analysis. There is a lot of opportunities in this as it is a vast field and it requires concentration plus knowledge about the subject. It is not an objective but subjective thing.

Social Media Management Assistant and Content Marketing Assistant, both are a creative field and it requires intense care with the content. Marketing content can be a difficult task. With writing skill, one should also have marketing skill, targeting right audience is easy but targeting all audience and that could be difficult!

With the writing skill and marketing skill, achieving SEO work is best. Availing the service from within is easy once you realize it. SEO work is most demanded, thus, concentrating in that is the best way to market your work and testing the skills.

4:Design Virtual Assistants:


One who has graphic skill would have much higher percentage to get hired. This type of work demands a Virtual Assistant to pursue the website designing and giving the best design for a site.

Following are the opportunities for a Design Virtual Assistant

  • Designing of business website.
  • Designing of the mobile app.
  • Design flyers, business cards, and other promo materials.
  • Product shots and product boxes.
  • Infographic designing.
  • Presentation design.

In such creative field, being equipped really helps throughout, one might get elected for the job, but without the creativeness, it is worthless. Copying the work is like insulting the art. And without art, one can never stand in this field. So, the famous ones are the original ones. So, try being as original as possible.

5:Content Writing Virtual Assistant

This is where everything comes around at the end. Content writing is the root of everything. It is the basic need of writing, after all, it is what going to decide whether the writer is worth of any work or not. So, focusing on it may turn out to be good and without the focus, the line is trash.

Concentrate on the work and content writing includes-

  • Making content plans.
  • Research about niche keywords.
  • Writing content for the keywords.
  • Editing and proofreading.

It is not at all a piece of cake, as the virtual Assistant would need to know the in and out of the working techniques and the hacks of making work easy. It is always about working smart than working hard.

So, after the types, let’s see the qualities a Virtual Assistant should concede:


The reason for putting Honesty first is to ensure that making fake promises never works. And at the end, the client would leave you jobless. Lying never helps and same goes to and Virtual Assistant. It is the basic thing to work with.

The reason for putting Honesty first is to ensure that making fake promises never works. And at the end, the client would leave you jobless. Lying never helps and same goes to and Virtual Assistant. It is the basic thing to work with.


As said before, arguing would never help to sort anything. Keeping good attitude would increase the image.

Passion: Passion about the work is what starts everything. Without that, it is worthless to work, if forced, no original work would come up.

Say NO: Say NO to the content you won’t be able to write about or if some terrible deadlines come up, say NO. Don’t lie.

With all these, being a Virtual Assistant becomes easier than ever.

Best Platforms to find VA jobs

1: Peopleperhour
2: Up work
3: Freelancer
4: Fiverr

The technic which that worked me was adding USA citizens to my Facebook Via good facebook Groups.Try this method and be a good virtual assistant


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